Tempus IV

The aim of this project was to improve the university-enterprise cooperation in the process of creating a sustainable industry in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Former Yugoslav
Republic of Macedonia.

Further activities/after the end of the Project
Courses 2013.
Trainees registration for course books - registration form

leaflet Course 1 - pdf (2343 KB)
Course 2 - pdf (2775 KB)
Course 3 - pdf (2344 KB)
Course 4 - pdf (2345 KB)

Course book 1 - pdf (3288 KB)
Course book 2 - pdf (2924 KB)
Course book 3 - pdf (2843 KB)
Course book 4 - pdf (2225 KB)
Course book 5 - pdf (2801 KB)

Links to the institutions responsible for courses organisation

University of Novi Sad
Faculty of Technology, RS
University of East Sarajevo
Faculty of Technology, BA
University Ss Cyril and Methodius
Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, MK
University of Nis
Faculty of Technology, RS
Tuzla University
Faculty of Technology, BA
University Goce Delcev
Faculty of Technology, MK

Dissemination booklet - pdf
Courses, April – June 2013 - pdf








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